About the Journal

Iraqi Journal For Economic Sciences

* Major: Economic Sciences

* Issued by: College of Administration and Economics / Al-Mustansiriya University

* Print ISSN : 1812-8742

* Online ISSN : 2791-092X

* Deposit number in the House of Books and Documents: Baghdad - 786 *

Journal email:

[email protected]

Year of release: 2002 *

The published research is useful for the relevant authorities (governmental and non-governmental institutions), (postgraduate students).

 * Language of publishing research in the journal: Arabic - English

* That the journal has a well-rounded scientific content that provides an impetus for knowledge for economics and for humanity in general.

magazine message

 1- Adopting approved standards for publishing scientific research in the journal.

 2- Dissemination of well-researched economic research that contributes to the development of knowledge. economic contribution to solving contemporary economic problems.

 Magazine Objectives

  • Economic knowledge in all its fields at the academic level.
  • Evaluate ideas, opinions and perspectives on various economic issues. Contributing to the development of economic knowledge and solving contemporary economic problems
  • View abstracts of recent books.
  • View abstracts of research and foreign reports.
  • Covering symposia and conferences and presenting their research abstracts.