Sustainable Empowerment of Iraqi universities to enhance their role in facing crises


  • Showket
  • Dr.Nidhal Shaker Jouda
  • أ. م. د .ستار جابر عمران


Sustainable Empowerment, crisis, university .


As it is known, universities are a center for cultural and intellectual radiation. They have become the focus of hopes for a qualitative shift in society because they have features that distinguish them from other institutions as they are multi-objective and multi-functional, as well as an educational institution located at the top of the educational pyramid.

Given this importance, work must be done to enable it to play its effective role in the development process in all economic, social, and administrative fields, and it is necessary to find means to help it in facing various challenges and crises and to create non-traditional funding sources that can have an impact on the quality of education and scientific research.

Accordingly, this research sheds light on sustainable empowerment in terms of concepts, methods, and others, and its possible ways for Iraqi universities to enhance and develop their capabilities to confront the multiplicity and development of crises.