The historical background of the economic reform policies in Iraq and its developmental dimensions


  • Zainab Ahmad Abed
  • Dr .Abdul Zahra Faisal


economic reform policies, rentier economy, inflation, unemployment, development dimensions.


Over the past four decades (1980-2020), Iraq has pursued a series of reform attempts that did not find a way to escape, and it was between ebb and flow and failure to draw the features and borders of its shores, blaming the ship's navigator at times and other times, cursing the sea winds, so it was necessary to follow the policies of economic reform in Iraq Through what was planned, what was implemented and measuring the achievement gap, the importance of this lies in order to identify the reasons for the failure of these policies and their failure to reach their final goals and what are the proposed mechanisms to complete the reform process and what are the real motives for calls for reform, so the research addressed two axes:

The first axis: the essential features of the Iraqi economy The second axis: the development of underdevelopment in Iraq through historical stages, To then reach a number of conclusions and recommendations, identifying the reasons and causes that prevent the advancement of the Iraqi economy and its recovery from its fragile reality.