The impact of monetary policy on achieving monetary stability in Iraq - an analytical study for the period 2004-2020


  • Aya Alaa Aldeen Abdulhadi
  • Dr. Subhi Hassoon


: monetary policy, monetary policy tools, monetary stability


The Iraqi economy faces many economic crises, which negatively affect the monetary stability of Iraq. The research aims to know the impact of the tools and indicators of monetary policies in achieving monetary stability, and any of these tools that have the greatest impact in achieving the goal of monetary stability, and to reduce efforts made by those responsible for setting the  policy to achieve the best results and to enable them to develop plans that have a greater impact on the economy. The importance of research stems from the importance of monetary stability and the positive or negative effects it causes on the economy.

It became clear through what was mentioned in the research the weak impact of monetary policies in reaching the goal of monetary stability for Iraq in light of the fluctuations and fluctuations occurring in the tools and indicators of each of the policy. However, money supply as an indicator of monetary policy, it was noted that, besides the exchange rate, they have the greatest impact in the field of monetary stability.